Little More About Canberra Knights Luxury Rose

All the roses of Canberra knights come from natural and real roses. All these roses come from our nursery where these would be handpicked at their right stage of flourish. After that, these roses go through a long electroplating process which includes about sixty steps. After that, these roses get electroplated with pure gold, silver or platinum. We assure the quality and the craftsmanship of these roses. Moreover, they go through a process of quality control to make sure that we manufacture the most beautiful roses in the world. We would guarantee you that these roses would last a lifetime without any changes.

Our custom-made rose products are lavishly treated with pure gold by our team of skilful craftsmen. These elegant roses stand for uniqueness, luxury and romance. So pick a stunning rose to spoil your loved ones or even yourself with a piece of lushness from our customised collections.

The process of our roses

Our elegant roses products come out of fresh and real roses that grow in our nursery. Our team of experienced gardeners would always monitor and take care of these beauties till they open as adorable roses. Once they are at the right stage of bloom, our team of gardeners would handpick them carefully to do the process of preservation. These lovely roses go through a lengthy process of conservation which includes our secret blended formula. The process of preservation goes for a couple of weeks where these roses are electroplated with layers of nickel and copper before they get coated with a precious metal. The application of these layers would help to maintain the structure and the shape of these roses for years. After the process of electroplating precious metals in several few layers, these roses go through a strict quality control process to ensure that these roses are up to the standards with no defects.

Finally, after the lengthy process of electroplating which goes with about sixty steps, we offer a bright rose which comes with a mirror finish look. We offer our customers a rose which does not tarnish and would last for decades enjoying the pleasure. All these fresh roses get changed into some fantastic pieces of art with the skills of our experienced craftsmen. Moreover, we offer a lifetime warranty for these roses in case of defaults in our products.

Would they break while handling?

Our Canberra knights roses are surprisingly stable even though they seem to be soft. As all these roses go through a process of application of nickel and copper which is done to maintain their structure and shape, they would stay strong and would only break if you handle it with huge pressure. We guarantee that they would last for decades as each of these roses go through our quality control process before getting into the hands of our customers. So there is no issue of taking these beauties out of there premium glass display boxes to treat and enjoy them.

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